1.) Puppy socialization group
Do you have a new baby and want to get it out and about to get him/her used to other people and pets?
We offer group sessions where your puppy can interact with others and learn new things.
We teach and give tips
on housetraining
basic obedience
how to walk on a leash
how to solve inappropriate behaviors
and how to become a perfect pet
2.)   Basic grooming for the pet owner
        Learn to trim nails
       Clean ears
       Detect any skin problems & parasites
       The ABC of proper brushing and combing
       Bad doggie breath? Learn some tricks and get tips on dental care for your pet.
3.) Dog training confirmation classes
     Learn the tricks of the trade
     Over the years we have shown many dogs of different breeds
      to wins at AKC events and finished dogs to their AKC championship.
     we would like to share our expertise with you and help you succeed in the ring.
Call us us for dates and times on these classes
Also planned based on good weather we would like to invite you to an Open House
where we would like you to tour our facility and meet us and we get to know you and your friend.
We offer food and refreshments, some activities for you and your furry friend
and a raffle to benefit our local humane society.
Keep checking our website for the date and more information.


During the summer months we offer confirmation handling classes outside on our property. We have many years of experience producing and showing dogs to their AKC championships. We may be able to teach you some tricks of the trade or just bring your dog for some socialization to get them ready for the real thing

We have fairly large grounds were you can come exercise and train your dog in a warm friendly environment.

 Currently we are also looking for a qualified obedience trainer and look forward to offering this service.