Resort Rules: These Guidelines have been established to ensure a safe and stress-free environment for both our Guests and ourselves.
We are dedicated to remain a smaller, exclusive establishment, where each dog gets individual attention.

1. We do not accept any dog that has not been vaccinated against rabies,parvovirus, hepatitis, distemper, leptospirosis,  parainfluenza (K-9 cough) and bordetella (also K-9 cough). We do not accept any cat that has not been vaccinated against Rabies, RCPC and Feline Leukemia

2. We will seek veterinary care if needed at the owner's expense, and administer owner-provided or Veterinary prescribed medication as instructed.

3. While we take reasonable precautions, we do not accept any responsibility, financial or otherwise, for damage to or loss of owner-provided collars, beds, bedding, toys, cages etc.

4. We do not accept people aggressive dogs or pets with contiguous diseases.

5. Regular exercise is essential to the general well-being of our guests. All dogs are let out into large, secure exercise areas 4 times per day for at least 30 minutes. Our exercise plan is approved by a licensed veterinarian and the Department of Agriculture.

6. Every effort is made to have all Boarders feeling comfortable and secure. We provide adequate 'down-time' to ensure our aim of a stress-free environment.

7. It is recommended to supply your pet's own diet to avoid any unnecessary changes. All food should be pre measured in containers such as Ziolploc bags. Also, if your pet might not eat well, bring some extra canned food that is appeal;ing to increase appetite. We are Happy to provide a scientifically proven, fully balanced diet if needed or requested.

8. All pets are housed in indoor accommodation, which is warm and dry.