Boarding Rates




The daily rate for one guest is $20 and $40 for our luxurious suites. A 10% multi pet discount is given.

Dogs from the same family who can be kept together in the same suite will receive a 10% discount
Long term guest will also be given a 10% discount, all bills have to be paid monthly.

$10 a night

Small animals = call for price
Administering medication = $1 a day
Any walks and playtime are $3 for 20 minutes


All our grooming services include a professional bath, which consists of two baths with a regular, medicated or conditioning shampoo, ear plucking/cleaning, nail cutting and expressing glands if needed, also fluff drying to ensure a straight coat and the removal of all the dead hair (this is hand drying, not cage drying) (Complete groom, de-matting is extra) An added service is teeth brushing.

    * Please note all prices listed below are approximate and are subject to change, they are listed below as a guide. After assessing your pet, prices will be discussed and confirmed prior to work commencing.

Short Coat-Complete Spa Long Coat-Hair Styling/Shaving
Small-Medium Size $20.00-$25.00

Chihuahua, Beagle, Small short hair mixed breeds

$35.00 and up

Yorkies, Poms , Min Schnauzers, Mix Breeds

Medium-Large Size $35.00

Boxers, Labs, Doberman


Cockers, Springers ,Airedales

Large-Giant Size $45.00

Mastiffs, Great Danes, and giant short-haired mixed breeds

$70.00 and up
Bouviers, Newfoundland, Saint Bernard, Great Danes, Mastiffs, Old English Sheepdog

Nails: trim or grinding: $10
Paw trim with pad trim : $10
Ear Cleaning/flush: $5
Teeth brushing: $8
Facial hair trim: $10
Sanitary trim: $10
Anal Gland expressing: $10

CAT GROOMING starts at $35 for coat work (de-matting, undercoat removal, shaving and bath). Cat grooming requires a unique skill level, lots of patience, and usually an assistant; therefore, it costs a little more. No sedation is given onsite - if sedation is required, please contact your veterinarian prior to booking your cat's grooming appointment.

We also offer a brush-out program, which will reduce shedding/matting and make your pet feel great for $10 a visit (must come every 2 weeks).