We offer professional all-breed grooming for dogs and cats.
Not only does regular grooming give your pet a nice look but it also maintains a healthy coat and skin. A grooming will also reduce shedding because it loosens and gets rid of all the dead hair.
We check for things and parasites an owner might not be aware of.
Our grooming service starts from a nail trimming to brush outs with full hair styling and baths.
From our experience as dog show exhibitors we are familiar with a lot of different breeds and offer specific breed styling
Services we offer but are not limited to:
  •  - Grooming & bathing
  •  - Scissor work
  •  - De-matting
  •  - Medicated and Coat conditioning baths
  •  - Flea treatments
  •  - De-skunking
  •  - Gland expressing and Toenail trimming
  •  - Ear cleaning

All our grooming services include a bath, brush-out, nail trim and ear cleaning. We treat your pet gently and do not use tranquilizers. Our prices are based on the type of hair style, behavior and condition of the coat, before we start we will explain and discuss your pet's grooming and it's cost.

Excessive matting and skin conditions may affect pricing.

Happy Customers

I am spoiled little Gizmo and like to sport my fur and a semi fluffy puppy cut.
To stay cute and fuzzy I need to be brushed by my Mommy and Daddy in between groomings
My Mommy calls me Bella,which means beautiful and that I am.
I am a full coated Shit-zu whos  pampered on a regular schedule,
my spa treatment includes a brushout,bath pedicure and I get my ears and glands checked.All that so I can be Bella.
My family thinks I am special and  I am Lilly the Golden Doodle.But with a busy
life style there is no time to brush me.They like me fuzzy so I get groomed every 6 weeks so I don't get matted
Hi, I am Patches a medium hair kitty. My Mom says that I shed a lot
but getting a bath and being brushed with a de-shedding comb cuts down
on the furbunnies I make at home.
Portugese Water Dog