Q: Can I bring my pet's toys and bed ?
A: Toys and bedding from home are welcome but have to be safe and washable. But we do provide soft, comfortable blankets. We do sell some toys and natural bones for your pets pleasure.


Q: What do I need when bringing my pet?
A: Proof of vaccinations, emergency contact number and food if the pet needs a certain diet

Q: What vaccinations are required ?
A: We require all vaccinations to be current as a protection and a safety for our guest.
 - Rabies
 - Bordatella (K-9 Cough)
 - Rabies
 - Feline Leukemia

     Due to changes in vaccination protocols, we accept a written recommendation from your veterinarian if your pet's vaccination schedule is different from a standard schedule. For the immunity of the vaccine to provide optimum protection, they have to be given 2 weeks prior to arrival.

Q: How often do the dogs go out?
A: Our day with the animals start at 7 am and ends between 10 and 11 PM.
     During the day dogs are let out several times into the yard to stretch but playtime is separate. Dogs with medical conditions will be walked more frequent to accommodate their needs.

Q: Do you give medications  ?
A: We will administer any medication as needed. Please if your pet takes their meds with cheese, peanut butter, etc provide that for us.
     We are experienced in giving injections and subcutaneous fluids, but if your pet has a serious medical condition your vet might be able to care for them better.

Q: How do you charge ?
A: Our rates depend on the size of your dog, view our page for rates for the different rates and other small pets. We charge by the night like a hotel would.

Q: Can I bring my pet's food ?
A: We highly recommend you provide the food you pet is accustomed to so the stay more like being at home but our quality dog food can be fed. Any prescription diet has to be provided.

Q: What hours do you have ?
A: All our hours are by appointment only. During the week we try to be flexible in the day time but on Sundays we only have hours between 6 PM-7 PM.

     Scheduled grooming appointment are only taken Monday-Friday, boarding clients will be groomed the day they are scheduled to go home.

Q: Can family visit my pet during a stay ?
A: Unless your pet is here long term, we don't recommend other family member to come visit. That would only confuse them. Long-term guests are welcome to have visitors if you would like to take them out for a walk or play time