For Dogs
 All dogs have their own private suites, dogs from the same family may stay together for company. The solid dividers between suites help give your pet a sense of security and privacy. In the indoor/outdoor suites your dog is able to go in and out at their leisure during the day if weather allows. We also feature a fenced in yard your pet can run and exercise. Our facility is heated by radiant floor heat during the cold winter months and cooled in the summer months by air conditioning and circulatory ventilation.
     Fresh water is available 24 hours a day and we follow a feeding schedule your pet is accustomed to from your home. We recommend you provide the food your pet is accustomed to,  so their stay may feel more like being at home but we offer our own quality dog food if that is what you prefer.







We also feature luxurious suites for our guests.
This is a private carpeted room with a bed and door to a large outside play area.

For Cats
Kitties have their own private secure room, where no dogs are permitted. Each kitty has their own cat condo with different levels of perches. During cleaning and feeding hours, kitties get to play on our climbing post or cat gym. Fresh water and dry food are available 24 hours a day and each condo is provided with an individual litter box.                                                    
 Toys and bedding from home are welcome but have to be safe and washable. We do provide soft, comfortable blankets. Our facility is sanitized daily and all pets are checked for fleas and other parasites upon arrival. Infested animals will be treated at an additional fee to the owner. Any prescription diet has to be provided. For entertainment, music is played during the day to make their stay more comfortable.



Exotic/ Small Pets

We also care for exotics and small pets such a bunnies, gerbils and ferrets , owners have to provide their own habitat.

 We require all vaccinations to be current to ensure the protection and a safety of out guests.
 - Rabies
 - Bordatella (K-9 Cough)
 - Rabies
 - Feline Leukemia

Due to changes in vaccination protocols, we accept a written recommendation from your veterinarian if your pet's vaccination schedule is different from a standard schedule. For the immunity of the vaccine to provide optimum protection, they have to be given 2 weeks prior to arrival.

bullet Dogs from the same family who can be kept together in the same suite will receive a 10% discount.

Any medication can be administered but we will not accept pets that are contagious.