We offer Handling with our experience with the Chinese Shar-pei and others breed we can present your dog to it fullest potential.
With our own Boarding facilities we can Board ,Groom, and Train your dog for the Show ring
We have shown many breeds and have a special bond with dogs.
We can help you to full fill your dreams by working with you and your dog one on one

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It is a family tradition
Over the years we showed 4 generation of Shar-pei to their AKC championship and my children where always an active part in this hobby. Now adults, Christina and Jess and their younger sister Tiffany always participated in Junior Showmanship Jrs. are classes class offered by AKC where children compete against each other showing off their ability to present and handle a dog. I believe this gives a child a great opportunity to interact with other children, it teaches the responsibility of caring for a pet, sportsmanship and makes friends for life. I never forget the first time Christina won her first place from the Jr. Novice class in Virginia Beach during the Shar-pei nationals, it brought tears to my eyes and I was more nervous watching her than showing myself. My kids have traveled and seen many places, made many friends from all over, two years in a row my kids where invited to stay with a dog 4-H group at a fair for a week where they learn about other animals and got to ride for free :0),Jess also made friends with horse people and showed a Belgium horse in a showmanship class, winning "Best Jr.", beating Amish boys who grew up working horses. Jess comment was that a horse was nothing but a big dog. AKC and many breed clubs offer program, as in any sport such as school scholarships, ect.....The CSPCA offers a great Jr. program and every time my kids went to our Nationals they had a blast. The year Christina went to VA. beach, Father Timby who was the Jr. advisor at the time spent the day with all the Jrs at Bush Garden for a fun filled time. Kim Phillips and I took our Jrs. to Hershey the year nationals where held in Pa. and afterwards we blew money at the arcade thanks to the generosity of """"""""".Orlando, Fl. was great too where Tiffany spent most of the time lounging in the pool and Cindy Skinner took it on herself the take the gang to Universal studio. Jess even had the chance to show in Canada the year we went to their nationals where she won 2 Best Jrs. and the judge asked her if she was from the States because of her skills. The time Tiff won her 3rd first out of the Novice class I was such a proud Mom, biting nails and holding tears, it was a very stiff and huge competition at the Cleveland Christmas Classic and she was showing an inexperienced dog but together as a team they kicked some tail. Jess has always been very eager to show and always proves herself, even took wins when pregnant with her daughter Olivia. Last year we all went to Harrisburg, for the Blue and Gray cluster where my granddaughter Olivia showed for the very first time in Pee Wee's assisted by me.