Ch. P-Louís Let Freedom Ring


Ch. Good Fortune Run For Cover PL x Robroys Run'Round Sue At PLou
NM910040/01 DOB 7-18-01 Prelim'd good at 17 months

Mysti, a fawn Horsecoat, who has her sire's movement and structure finished her AKC championship easily with 3 majors from the Bred By Exhibitor class during Specialty weekends despite falling asleep in the ring. Mysti is enjoying her retirement as a couch dog. Mysti has produced 2 litters of puppies which resulted in BEAUTIFUL puppies!

Am/Can Ch. Paramounts Viva Rocks Vegas PL


Ch. Meitings Roll of the Dice x Ch. Paramouts Li'l Bit O Trialfast
NM873716/02 DOB-1/11/00 OFA37F

Viva is a red fawn brush coat with such a funny personality, sheís a nut and she knows it. You canít help but to laugh at her when she comes running full speed at you to jump on you and then lick you. And with powerful movement and lots of reach and drive, she easily was able to complete her AKC championship at the Blue & Gray specialty with tough competition and let her earn her CKC championship in 1 weekend during the 2001 Canadian Nationals. As well as she did in the show ring, she did even better in the whelping box. She passed on her goofy attitude and excellent movement to her offspring who have done equally as well in the ring. Viva currently has 3 Champions out of 2 litters (1 being a single puppy litter).

Ch. P-Louís Redneck Woman


Ch. Good Fortune Run For Cover PL x Am/Can Ch. Paramouts Viva Rocks Vegas PL
DOB-2/26/04  AKC# NP 06781401

To say the least, Gretchen is her mother in a Horsecoat body. She's a little monkey, always finding a way to get out of the kennel, off the deck, or anywhere she is, when she's away from people. She's turning out to be a gorgeous girl, she loves everyone and doesn't think the whole dog show thing is too bad. At her first show she was very wound up but settled down enough to take Best Puppy and a Non Sporting Puppy Group 1. The next day she ended up taking WB, BOW, BP, and BOB over 2 specials for a 3 point major, she took another Non Sporting Puppy Group 1! At 6 and a half months, Gretchen has 7 points, including both majors! By the time she was 10 months old, she had already finished her championship as a multiple BOB winner. Right now, Gretchen is growing up and will possibly be a special in the future.

Ch.PLous-Paramountís Haleys Comet


Ch. P-Lou's Designer Genes x Robroys Run'Round Sue At PLou
NP 044179/01 DOB- 9/12/03

Haley is a red fawn Brushcoat who is a joy to have around. She is turning out to be quite a show dog, with a 'look at me' attitude and a beautiful side gait. Haley is co-owned and lives with Kerry Bergman but is shown by Jess. Although she is shown on a VERY limited basis, she is doing quite well with 3 majors, totally 10 points. Her latest wins include her back to back 3 point major wins, 1 day going BOS over the special. And we have found that her Ďupperí is children and before she is shown, we search the show site for kids and all she has to do is see them and she gets extremely excited!



Genny is our new up coming star.With the fluent movement of her Mom and Grandpa she is quite the eyecatcher and at 7 months she was singled out looking for her majors to finish her AKC Championship.Due to our personal life we took a break from the ring but we will be looking forward to seeing the show ring this fall again.With the looks of grandma Suzie and the soundness and structure to boot from Grandpa Spencer we are looking for a fast finish.
See all soon ,can't wait to run with the big dogs again




Spenda is another one of our fine girls here,she is the littermate to Genny and Jack has many of the same quailities as her siblings.She is a redfawn brushcoat who won Best In Match the first time out in the ring as a little puppy.Second time out in the real world of AKC she went WB,BOW beating her her brother Jack for BOW who went WD and BOS over the special.We where very proud of our kids that days.She also will be hitting the ring soon again.Can't wait to give kisses to all our friends :0).